Aluminium Profiles – Good Materials for Buildings

An aluminium profile is among the many products made from aluminium. Its usage and applications are also quite varied. In buildings, window frames are invariably made of aluminium. The builder has to consolidate the requirements and the frame sizes and place the order with the manufacturer. The window frames have to be made with the provisions for sliding of the window glass and if there are two layers of glass, then the frame has to have the grooving all along the inside to accommodate this.

Aluminium is a Strong Metal

There are many reasons why builders choose aluminium as the material for making window frames and other applications. Aluminium has actually replaced other materials used in earlier times, namely wood and steel. The main advantage with this metal is that it is strong and can withstand extreme temperatures without losing its strength or bending or shrinking. Moreover, it is easier to clean and maintain. This way, the life of aluminium profile components is quite long compared to other alternatives.

Buyers would generally place orders for the profile components in terms of the actual size required in length, but along the length is where the profile cut can be seen. This is done by using appropriate dyes in the aluminium parts manufacturing unit. One can see the actual design when the section is cut and viewed from the side. It is usually hollow within, making the section even lighter.

Almost on similar lines aluminium is quite extensively used in making interiors in offices, shops and many commercial establishments. Here, besides the windows, whole partitions and door frames are also made with aluminium. So the building industry makes complete use of aluminium for all these applications.

Other Major Uses of Aluminium Profiles

Apart from doors, windows and partitions for which the aluminium is used, the kitchen is another place where aluminium profile sections find purpose. Kitchens are now built in the modular style and most storage cabinets are made with aluminium sections. These could be very thin sections and again, there would be combination glass partitions fitted with aluminium sections.

Aluminium is a User-Friendly Materials

As mentioned, being a light and strong metal, aluminium is preferred as the material for all the applications that have been discussed so far. Beyond this, the metal is freely available and there is no shortage of aluminium though the prices are determined by international markets. The next aspect is with regard to the manufacturing of the sections and profiles for various applications. The manufacturers ought to have the facilities and infrastructure to make the different parts, components and then cut, finish and pack them before shipping out.

The manufacturers of aluminium components and structures deal with different end-use industries and customers. When they are needed and the quantities are sufficient, custom made shapes and profiles can also be manufactured by them. Once installed, the aluminium components are easy to maintain as well. Aluminium also retains its lustre for many years and resists wind and water very well.

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