5 Key Things to Check When Hiring a Painter in Gold Coast

Whether you have new home that needs painting or simply want to repaint a portion of your home, you should consider hiring a painting contractor. Hiring a professional does not only take the burden off your shoulder, but also guarantees you of quality results. Even so, hiring your painting contractor is something that requires careful consideration. Indeed, Gold Coast has many painters, but not all of them are professional painters. Some are quacks out to make quick bucks from unsuspecting clients.  Finding the right painter in Gold Coast isn’t an easy task – you need to do your homework well.

By knowing what to expect from a professional painter, you’ll be in the right direction to finding the right one. Here are the key things to check when hiring a painter in Gold Coast –

Skills and color expertise

Painting is not just about slapping paint onto the wall, it is an art that requires great skill. A professional painter will have the right techniques and skills to provide high quality results on your walls. Aside from that, a professional painter should have exceptional creativity when it comes to color selection. He should be able to provide you guidance and support when choosing color schemes for the different rooms. A good way to know if a painter has the right skills and color expertise is to have a look at their past work.


It is rewarding to work with an experienced painter. Much is gained through experience when it comes to painting. For instance, a seasoned painter will know the best paint for your surfaces, something that a novice might not be aware of. Also, with many years of painting, an experienced painter can easily differentiate between low and high quality paint. As such, they will help you select the right colors ad superior paint for your home.

Quality paint and tools

The quality of paint and tools used to paint your home will greatly determine the end results. Therefore, it’s important to ask your painter the type of paint and tools they use. A professional knows too well the importance of using high quality equipment and tools, and they’ll always use superior rollers and brushes.


A reputable painter in Gold Coast should be able to provide quality references. This is the surest way to know if the contractor is going to live up to his promise. So, ask your prospective painter to provide at least references of their past satisfied customers. Be sure to call the references, and ask these two basic questions:

·         Were they satisfied with the results of the paint job?

·         Were they happy with the painter’s customer service and work ethic?


The first sign of a professional painter is insurance. There are many painters out there without insurance and working with one of them means that you’ll be taking all the risk. Ask if your painter is insured and ask to see the proof. Professional painters should at least have liability insurance and provide you a copy to prove it. Make sure the insurance is up-to-date.

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